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10: Coronavirus business readiness

March 13, 2020

In this episode we outline a straightforward process and approach which orgnaisations can use to help prepare for restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus / Covid19 pandemic. In particular when you have no access to your premises.


Approach / Project Phases

1. Analysis - what systems have I got, and how critical are they? How to ask the right questions to determine this.

2. Requirements - what do we need to do, in detail?

3. Delivery - implementation, what are the tasks, who is doing them and by when?

4. Test - make sure everything works as expected.


Remote control software tools


Chrome Remote (free)

GoToMyPC ($$ paid)

Teamviewer ($$$ paid)


Trello Board - Coronavirus Business Preparation (reusable template)


Other tools worth considering..


Online backup services

Backblaze (paid - I use this) -


Password Store

Make sure you keep a record of all critical system user accounts and passwords. Give at least 2 people the master password. Keep a copy of the password store offsite. Keepass V2 is great - I personally use this and have worked at organisations that use it.


Video conferencing /screen sharing

Zoom meetings



IP Telephony (instead of landlines)

Search for 'hosted VOIP'


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