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12: Perm or Contract? What’s right for you?

April 4, 2020

In this podcast we discuss some of the merits of permanent and contract roles, and consider the factors that you might want to consider when deciding what's the right career option for you.

- base salary
- company car
- pension
- other fringe benefits
- training (usually paid for)
- progression/transition
- mentoring
- redundancy
- security
- experience depends on employer


- IS usually paid more
- admin hassle
- need to manage your own money
- keep a buffer (both for the taxman and in case you are on the bench) min 6M but ideally 1yr
- take renewals - evidence of this shows competence
- will depend on the amount of risk you want to take
- exposure to different ways of working and cultures
- easy to leave a nightmare role
- some people just don’t feel comfortable with permanent employment and the obligation that brings
- you may get the rubbish jobs
- can be a good option to see if you like the culture and then move to perm
- IR35 - a UK challenge
- fixed term salaried role - not such a good deal for you
- agency ‘directly employed’ model - ditto



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